Notable Unit Accomplishments

SS-D Oberkommando - Leadership

Axis Victories Over Red Army, Odessa, NY 2012-2013

Summer 2012 – Wilmington, VT

26th Annual Timeline Event

Best Vehicle In Show Overall (Kdf Wagon)

Spring 2009 – Odessa Eastern Front Tactical Event

Most Authentic Camp Impression

Fall 2008 – Feature Film “Shutter Island”

Taunton, MA
Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Directed by Martin Scorsese
Supporting Role as German SS Infantry

Winter 2004 - "Die Schlacht von Pennsylvania"

Featured and Interviewed for VIDICOM
in German television program

October 2003 - "Combat Jump"

82nd Airborne in Sicily
Portrayed Hermann Goering Division

Summer/Fall 2003 - DAS REICH "Waffen-SS Armoured Elite"

Appeared in Spearhead Series Book
By Mike Sharpe & Brian Davies

December 2002 - "Hitler - Medical Secrets"

Discovery Health Channel Filming

2002 - Odessa, NY Western Front Tactical Event

Most Authentic Camp Impression

2002 - Overall Axis Commander

Tolland, MA Western Front Tactical Event (Axis Victory)

2001 - Overall Waffen-SS Commander

Battle of the Bulge (Axis Victory)
Fort Indiantown GAP, PA

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